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Are there any things I should know before I look at Great Dane puppies for sale?

Great Dane Puppies For Sale

You want a lapdog, but your partner wants a Great Dane. Before you get too disappointed, you'll be happy to know that by shopping forGreat Dane puppies for sale, you'll both get what you want. While it may not actually fit more than half its body on your lap, your Great Dane will probably still consider itself an adorable little lapdog long after it stops being a ten pound puppy and will always find time for a snuggle.

The big problem with this breed is that it really does often suffer from image problems. You see a freight train bearing down on you as your adolescent Dane charges through the room and heads straight for you and whatever fragile or awkward item you are carrying. It is picturing itself as a teacup Poodle and sees no problem with running right into you, because you are so much bigger.

To survive a Great Dane's puppyhood, you will need to begin obedience training at eight to ten weeks of age to be sure that your dog has a firm grasp on commands before it is stronger than you. While these dogs are not willful or nasty, their sheer size means you need to be in control at all times.

Is there anything I should think about before I shop for Golden Retriever puppies for sale?

Are Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Right For You?

Most Golden Retrievers are intelligent, loyal family dogs. They are beautiful animals, with their honey colored coats and soulful eyes. While you haven't ever had a Golden before, you know this is the perfect breed for your family and you are hopping online to check out the Golden Retriever puppies for sale at

It is true that these dogs are wonderful pets. However, before you start talking to breeders, there are a few things you should consider.

  • Golden Retriever puppies are such adorable little balls of fluff, that is hard to believe they can grow up to be major allergens. However, they are one of the top allergy causing dog breeds. If someone in your family has allergy problems, be prepared for some trouble when your puppy gets to be about six months old and starts to get an adult coat.

  • Some dogs have the same one or two toys they've had since puppyhood and those toys are just as nice as they were when the dogs' owners bought them. This isn't the case with Goldens. These dogs chew and chew their way through puppyhood and adolescence. A three year old Golden is a joy to own. A one year old Golden is a self appointed house de-cluttering machine and will take out an entire shoe collection in an afternoon.

(If you notice Labrador Retriever puppies for sale, keep in mind that they are not black Goldens. They are very different dogs, although they do act just as chewy as Golden adolescents.)

Are there any things I should think about as I look for Doberman Pinscher puppies for sale?

Considering Temperament of Doberman Pinscher Puppies For Sale

Despite those movies that show people fleeing from vicious attack Dobermans, these dogs are usually wonderful family pets and the children in the family know that their huge, scary looking dog is actually a marshmallow where they are concerned. Many people who are looking for Doberman Pinscher puppies for sale are interested in finding a dog that will defend its family if they are faced with danger, but will also be quite happy to don some dress up clothes and have tea with the kids.

As you look for a Doberman puppy, think about the way ads are worded. If the emphasis is on the dog's ability to attack intruders, you may want to keep looking. Yes, Dobermans are usually great pets, but you don't want to look for a family dog that was bred with the emphasis on aggression. Instead, look for an ad that emphasizes temperament and loyalty.

If you do want a dog that is more protector than friend, consider buying a Doberman that was properly trained to be a guard dog. Ask for references and follow up to make sure the other dogs the breeder sold are well adjusted animals and safe to be around. Unfortunately, not every person who trains Dobermans does so in a way that creates a loyal, devoted dog.

Are there any tips for shipping Chinese Shar-Pei puppies for sale?

Shipping Chinese Shar-Pei Puppies For Sale

You took one look at some pictures of wrinkle covered Shar-pei puppies and fell in love. Now, you need to find a breeder who has Chinese Shar-Pei puppies for sale. Since this is such a specialized breed, you may not be able to find a local breeder, even if you search online. This means you may need to have your puppy shipped in from another location.

Shar-Pei puppies are extremely susceptible to heat, which means shipping this breed can be a bit of a challenge. Even if you can find an airline that ships during warm weather because the airline has a climate controlled cargo area, you should think twice about getting a puppy during the hotter months. After all, you can't be sure the puppy will be loaded into the plane in a timely fashion and sitting out on a cart waiting to be put into the hold could prove fatal. Shipping in the Spring and Fall months is best.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Shar-Peis are very sensitive to anesthesia. Ask the breeder to write a warning in a prominent place on the dog's crate that the vet should not use anesthesia if there is an emergency without checking into this issue.

I found Akita puppies for sale, but are they right for me?

Akita Puppies For Sale. Sold?

You're looking for Akita puppies for sale and are having trouble finding a puppy locally. You thought your dream wasn't going to come true, but then you discovered Now, you have to decide if an Akita is really the right breed for you.

  • Are you the type of person who follows other people or are you a born leader? Akitas need a firm hand from a person who can maintain the position of pack leader or they will quickly rule the house.
  • Will you find every opportunity to socialize your puppy? While Akita puppies are bubbly, outgoing little clowns, adults are not that into people they don't know. (Although they do love the children in their families so much that they will act like silly goofballs to make these little people laugh.) If you make every effort to socialize your puppy, you will help him or her become a more rounded adult.
  • How likely are you to take your puppy to obedience classes? These little fluff balls grow up to be incredibly powerful animals. If your dog doesn't learn to listen to commands and doesn't learn to get along with other dogs, you will have a very dangerous animal on your hands.
If you decide you can handle these important concerns, then you are in for a wonderful experience. A properly trained and socialized Akita is a beautiful, loyal animal.

Is there anything I should look for in German Shepherd puppies for sale besides a good temperament.

Hereditary Issues With German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

You've decided that a German Shepherd would be perfect for your family. You've even picked out a name - Rin Tin Tin, after that fabulous dog with the classic movie series. Although, now that you think about it, that Jerry Lee from the K-9 movies was pretty great, too. You looked at a few local puppies, but they didn't have the sparkle you wanted. So, you've moved your search to German Shepherd puppies for sale online to

As you look at the options, don't forget that, although it is extremely important, there is more to choosing a good German Shepherd puppy than finding a good temperament. German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia. It is heart breaking to see your big, noble dog reduced to dragging his back legs around as his condition deteriorates.

Surgery, which can be costly, should be performed as soon as you and your vet notice a problem. However, it is best to try to avoid the problem in the first place. Ask the breeder if the parents have both been OFA certified with a clean bill of health. Although this doesn't guarantee that your puppy won't develop hip dysplasia, it certainly decreases the odds.

Are there any special things to look for when I shop for Boxer puppies for sale?

What to Look for When You Find Boxer Puppies for Sale

Finally, you've found some Boxer puppies for sale. In fact, you've found many, many Boxer puppies, because you decided to check out However, you aren't sure exactly what to look for as you evaluate the different puppies. Try some of these tips to help you make your decision easier:

  • Consider the color of the puppy. White Boxers may look striking, but these dogs are disqualified by the AKC for a reason. Many white Boxers are very hyper and they are prone to sight and hearing problems. Flashy Boxers, as the dogs with the striking white markings on tan or brindle are called, can also be a bit more hyper than their litter mates.
  • Look at the size of the dog's parents. While a big parent doesn't guarantee a big puppy, a Boxer that is closer in size to a Great Dane is likely to have larger puppies than a dog that is on the small side.
  • Ask if the parents have both been screened for hereditary issues. Boxers can develop hip dysplasia and are prone to heart problems, as well. Having parents without these problems means your puppy has a better chance at a long and healthy life.

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