Are Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Right For You?

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Is there anything I should think about before I shop for Golden Retriever puppies for sale?

Are Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Right For You?

Most Golden Retrievers are intelligent, loyal family dogs. They are beautiful animals, with their honey colored coats and soulful eyes. While you haven't ever had a Golden before, you know this is the perfect breed for your family and you are hopping online to check out the Golden Retriever puppies for sale at

It is true that these dogs are wonderful pets. However, before you start talking to breeders, there are a few things you should consider.

  • Golden Retriever puppies are such adorable little balls of fluff, that is hard to believe they can grow up to be major allergens. However, they are one of the top allergy causing dog breeds. If someone in your family has allergy problems, be prepared for some trouble when your puppy gets to be about six months old and starts to get an adult coat.

  • Some dogs have the same one or two toys they've had since puppyhood and those toys are just as nice as they were when the dogs' owners bought them. This isn't the case with Goldens. These dogs chew and chew their way through puppyhood and adolescence. A three year old Golden is a joy to own. A one year old Golden is a self appointed house de-cluttering machine and will take out an entire shoe collection in an afternoon.

(If you notice Labrador Retriever puppies for sale, keep in mind that they are not black Goldens. They are very different dogs, although they do act just as chewy as Golden adolescents.)



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