What to Look for When You Find Boxer Puppies for Sale

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Are there any special things to look for when I shop for Boxer puppies for sale?

What to Look for When You Find Boxer Puppies for Sale

Finally, you've found some Boxer puppies for sale. In fact, you've found many, many Boxer puppies, because you decided to check out puppyfind.com. However, you aren't sure exactly what to look for as you evaluate the different puppies. Try some of these tips to help you make your decision easier:

  • Consider the color of the puppy. White Boxers may look striking, but these dogs are disqualified by the AKC for a reason. Many white Boxers are very hyper and they are prone to sight and hearing problems. Flashy Boxers, as the dogs with the striking white markings on tan or brindle are called, can also be a bit more hyper than their litter mates.
  • Look at the size of the dog's parents. While a big parent doesn't guarantee a big puppy, a Boxer that is closer in size to a Great Dane is likely to have larger puppies than a dog that is on the small side.
  • Ask if the parents have both been screened for hereditary issues. Boxers can develop hip dysplasia and are prone to heart problems, as well. Having parents without these problems means your puppy has a better chance at a long and healthy life.



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