Great Dane Puppies For Sale

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Are there any things I should know before I look at Great Dane puppies for sale?

Great Dane Puppies For Sale

You want a lapdog, but your partner wants a Great Dane. Before you get too disappointed, you'll be happy to know that by shopping forGreat Dane puppies for sale, you'll both get what you want. While it may not actually fit more than half its body on your lap, your Great Dane will probably still consider itself an adorable little lapdog long after it stops being a ten pound puppy and will always find time for a snuggle.

The big problem with this breed is that it really does often suffer from image problems. You see a freight train bearing down on you as your adolescent Dane charges through the room and heads straight for you and whatever fragile or awkward item you are carrying. It is picturing itself as a teacup Poodle and sees no problem with running right into you, because you are so much bigger.

To survive a Great Dane's puppyhood, you will need to begin obedience training at eight to ten weeks of age to be sure that your dog has a firm grasp on commands before it is stronger than you. While these dogs are not willful or nasty, their sheer size means you need to be in control at all times.



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