Akita Puppies For Sale. Sold?

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I found Akita puppies for sale, but are they right for me?

Akita Puppies For Sale. Sold?

You're looking for Akita puppies for sale and are having trouble finding a puppy locally. You thought your dream wasn't going to come true, but then you discovered puppyfind.com. Now, you have to decide if an Akita is really the right breed for you.

  • Are you the type of person who follows other people or are you a born leader? Akitas need a firm hand from a person who can maintain the position of pack leader or they will quickly rule the house.
  • Will you find every opportunity to socialize your puppy? While Akita puppies are bubbly, outgoing little clowns, adults are not that into people they don't know. (Although they do love the children in their families so much that they will act like silly goofballs to make these little people laugh.) If you make every effort to socialize your puppy, you will help him or her become a more rounded adult.
  • How likely are you to take your puppy to obedience classes? These little fluff balls grow up to be incredibly powerful animals. If your dog doesn't learn to listen to commands and doesn't learn to get along with other dogs, you will have a very dangerous animal on your hands.
If you decide you can handle these important concerns, then you are in for a wonderful experience. A properly trained and socialized Akita is a beautiful, loyal animal.



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