Hereditary Issues With German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

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Is there anything I should look for in German Shepherd puppies for sale besides a good temperament.

Hereditary Issues With German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

You've decided that a German Shepherd would be perfect for your family. You've even picked out a name - Rin Tin Tin, after that fabulous dog with the classic movie series. Although, now that you think about it, that Jerry Lee from the K-9 movies was pretty great, too. You looked at a few local puppies, but they didn't have the sparkle you wanted. So, you've moved your search to German Shepherd puppies for sale online to

As you look at the options, don't forget that, although it is extremely important, there is more to choosing a good German Shepherd puppy than finding a good temperament. German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia. It is heart breaking to see your big, noble dog reduced to dragging his back legs around as his condition deteriorates.

Surgery, which can be costly, should be performed as soon as you and your vet notice a problem. However, it is best to try to avoid the problem in the first place. Ask the breeder if the parents have both been OFA certified with a clean bill of health. Although this doesn't guarantee that your puppy won't develop hip dysplasia, it certainly decreases the odds.



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