Some Lesser Known Traits of the Dachshund

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What Are Some Lesser Known Traits of the Dachshund?

Some Lesser Known Traits of the Dachshund

What comes to mind when you think of a Dachshund? A hot dog? A wiener? A clown-like little dog? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. These little guys have a long history of noble hunting for larger and dangerous Badgers. Strong, fearless, and muscular, Dachshunds have long been well-respected as diligent hunters, much like terriers.

Actually, the Dachshund puppies for sale that you meet can “go to ground” with the best of the terriers, like the Cairn, if given the opportunity. Over the years, they have become companion dogs and have lost some of their respect as courageous hunters. However, leaving your Dachshund puppy alone in your back yard will likely produce some unwelcome digging and searching for prey. His/her chromosomes are what they are.

Somewhat like the Yorkie, whose fearlessness and ability to tackle ferocious rodents equal to or greater in size, the Dachshund has been portrayed as something else by many human owners. While sometimes difficult to housebreak and always ready to take over a household, if you establish yourself as pack leader and give your Dachshund the ability to express themselves and play hunter, he/she will become a loyal, loving, and friendly family member. Socialization with other humans and/or pets needs to be started while your Dachshund puppy is young in order to prevent future over-protective and stubborn behavior.



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