How to Qualify a Breeder When You Buy a Puppy Online

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Since I Can’t Meet the Dog, How Can I Qualify a Breeder as Honest If I Want to Buy a Puppy Online?

How to Qualify a Breeder When You Buy a Puppy Online

It is much easier to qualify a breeder if you can meet their puppies, and them, in person. However, there are also things you can do to help ensure that you are dealing with honest breeders when you want to buy a puppy online. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the benefits of buying a puppy online.

  • Avoid the temptation to use e-mail as your only communication method . While you probably can't afford to fly around the country with abandon, meeting breeders and puppies you might like, use the telephone to communicate to get a feel for the breeder. You might not have body language as a tool, but you can learn a lot talking to a breeder and hearing their live responses.
  • Learn the warning signs that a seller may not be what they appear. For example, a seller that requires you to use Western Union or another instant money transfer should raise a warning flag. Ask if you can use your online escrow company to manage your purchase price funds until you have the puppy and have him/her examined by your own veterinarian. Another warning is the breeder that offers a puppy well below other market prices. Puppies for sale online at below market may not be for you, depending on the reason for the discount.
  • An online seller that DOESN'T ask why you want a dog or this dog, DOESN'T give you their veterinarian's name and contact information, DOESN'T ask (in writing) that you return the puppy to them if the match is not good, should probably be eliminated from consideration . Sincere breeders are always more concerned about their puppies than about the money.
Ask all the questions you want answered and accept only reasonable answers to qualify breeders when you consider puppies for sale online.



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