Basset Hounds Are Wonderful Family Dogs

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Are Basset Hounds Good Family Dogs?

Basset Hounds Are Wonderful Family Dogs

Basset Hounds are wonderful family dogs. They are among the most gentle, peaceful, well-behaved, and devoted dogs on our planet. Strong and sturdy enough to deal with small children, Basset Hounds are almost always friendly, but certainly not timid or shy.

Unless you allow them to believe they are the leader of the pack, they will respond to gentle but firm training in a happy, permissive manner. If you establish the house rules early, you might have another – possibly your first – model child. But, like all children, human or otherwise, they require consistency from their parents. The rules are the rules. The only way to impress on your dog that the rules never change is to consistently enforce them, even when it may be inconvenient.

When looking for Basset Hound puppies for sale, find the right breeder. Be sure you have confidence in the breeder so you can ensure your Basset Hound puppy has the attributes that make him/her the loving, gentle, yet protective dog you want. Please don't overfeed this wonderful family member as his/her physical structure (strong, yet close to the ground) can generate physical problems if their short legs are forced to carry heavy weight. Your family will love a Basset Hound and that love will be returned many times over.



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