Primary Information to Have When Considering Buying a Puppy Online

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What Primary Information Should I Have If I Consider Buying a Puppy Online?

Primary Information to Have When Considering Buying a Puppy Online

Puppies for sale online may interest you, particularly if the breed you want is difficult to find locally. However, always remember that a new puppy will be a valued member of your family for ten years or more. Just as you wouldn't consider adopting a child online without a thorough and exhausting investigation, you should perform due diligence in your search for puppies for sale online.

Here are some important things to do when you consider buying a puppy online.

  • Verify that the puppy for sale is offered by a valid, reliable seller. Get the seller's name, address, and phone number. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau (for consumer complaints) and any other third party source that can verify the seller's legitimacy.
  • Request a current health certificate from a qualified veterinarian that confirms all inoculations, treatments, and health conditions of the puppies online that you're considering. Verify that the veterinarian is respected in his/her practice area.
  • Request a full money back guarantee in writing from the seller in advance. This document should explicitly specify the puppy for sale, his/her breed, health condition, and delivery date.
  • To protect yourself, use an online escrow service to hold your funds until you've received your new puppy and have had your own veterinarian perform an examination to verify his/her good health. Only after you've met your new furry friend and know he/she is healthy will you authorize release of your funds to the seller.
Learning how to buy a puppy online involves meaningful research to help you feel comfortable with the breeder/seller, the puppy's pedigree (ask for his/her AKC registration information in advance if you're buying a purebred dog), and your new family member's health. You'll feel better about your adoption and protect yourself, too.



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