Why Buy a Puppy Online

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How can I convince my family that it is a good idea to buy a puppy online?

Why Buy a Puppy Online

You mentioned that you were planning to buy a puppy online and your friends and family are absolutely horrified. They think you will get ripped off and insist that all breeders who advertise online are scammers. Now, you need to convince them that there are plenty of good reasons to shop online for puppies.

  • One good reason is that there may be absolutely no puppies available near you. For example, if you live in Nome, Alaska, Pomeranians are probably in really short supply.
  • Sometimes, local breeders are pretty scary. If you are surrounded by puppy mills, going online may be your only chance to find a dedicated, responsible breeder of show quality puppies.
  • If you buy a puppy that isn't local and decide to fly to the breeder's location, pick out a puppy and fly home with it, you can finally squeeze in that vacation you've been wanting to take while you are out of state.
  • Armed with common sense and an escrow account, you can shop for a puppy without losing your shirt. The escrow account holds your money until you receive your puppy and sign off on the deal, which means scammers can't run off with your money.



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