Pug Puppies for Sale - Achoo

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Are there any problems I should know about before I look at Pug puppies for sale?

Pug Puppies for Sale - Achoo

Their comically smooshed in faces, poppy eyes and sweet nature combine to make Pugs a favorite with many dog lovers. If you fell in love with the Pug, you probably aren't interested in hearing about any drawbacks to this wonderfully laid back breed. However, there are a few things to consider before you start shopping for Pug puppies for sale.

Quite simply, the Pug is terrible for people with allergies. People who can tolerate most other dogs may be much more allergic to a Pug and people with more severe allergies may get Asthma attacks around this breed.

The only other major drawback is that some Pugs are a bit high strung and hyper because of too much inbreeding. Meeting the parents can really help you weed out these Pugs.

If you can handle the drawbacks of the breed and you make sure the puppy has no genetic health problems, you will probably become a Pug fancier for life. Pugs have huge hearts. They love their people so much and so devotedly that they will do anything for them. A quiet, sweet Pug that is content to sit on the sofa snoozing while the kids give her a manicure and dress her in silly hats will fly over the dog gate to get between her owner and someone who has come to the front door with a raised voice.



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