Puppy Shot Schedule

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Why do I have to follow a puppy shot schedule instead of just getting a few shots all at once?

Puppy Shot Schedule

When you get a puppy shot schedule, you may be a bit surprised at the frequency of the visits. With a return visit every two weeks until your puppy completes his vaccines at twelve or sixteen weeks old, you may be wondering if it would be easier to just rent out an exam room. Why do you need to come back so many times?

Vets break the shots up for several reasons. Your puppy's shot schedule includes frequent visits over the first few weeks because:

  • Some shots do not provide adequate protection without several vaccinations over a short period of time. This is often because the puppy's mother passed on antibodies that fight off the vaccine.
  • Many puppies would really feel ill for several days if they received four immunizations in a single day. Breaking up the vaccines into a puppy shot schedule of a DHLPP vaccine and a second vaccine, such as Bordetella or Rabies, at each visit makes the whole experience less stressful for your puppy's immune system.
  • Your wallet feels a bit less stress. Coming up with two hundred or more dollars at once is a challenge for many people. A small bill every two weeks is easier to manage.



7/4/2011 7:38:11 PM
sarah said:

this tip is kinda in the middle. i didnt know that you need to do all of that in just the first few weeks of life. thaks


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