Are Puppy Vaccinations Necessary for Indoor Dogs?

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Are puppy vaccinations necessary for indoor dogs?

Are Puppy Vaccinations Necessary for Indoor Dogs?

If you buy a toy dog breed, you may be wondering if puppy vaccinations are really necessary. After all, your little Fifi will never actually set foot out the front door, so it isn't like she is exposed to constant viruses. Why bother with vaccinations when you aren't going for a walk around the block together?

Actually, unless you and your puppy are planning to take up permanent residence in a bubble, you should be sure you get the basic vaccinations. Your shoes, your coat, your purse, the kids' backpacks, grocery bags, packages and a whole host of other items are potential germ carriers. No matter how little and cute your puppy is, he or she will probably still be a bit of a chewer and could pick up germs from these things.

If you go on vacation or you have an emergency situation, such as a house fire, it is also important to have a dog with updated vaccinations. If you have to put your dog in a kennel at the last minute, you won't be allowed to drop it off without having a current Rabies, DHLPP and Bordatella shot. If you take your dog to the vet for smoke inhalation, you can certainly get treatment without an updated vaccination record, but your dog will have to be vaccinated during his or her stay to avoid getting a virus, which will add to an already stressful situation.



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