What Questions to Ask a Dog Breeder When You Want a Show Quality Dog

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Can you tell me what questions to ask a dog breeder to get a show quality dog?

What Questions to Ask a Dog Breeder When You Want a Show Quality Dog

While most people looking for puppies just want an adorable dog that will provide love and companionship, some are considering learning how to compete in dog shows and are interested in being sure they get a show quality dog. If you are one of those people, you may be wondering what questions to ask a dog breeder when you want a show quality dog.

  • Do you show your dogs? Breeders who show their dogs are more apt to have show quality puppies than ones who don't. However, some breeders who don't show will carefully select and breed dogs to conform to the standard. Many times, these breeders just don't enjoy the stress of traveling the show circuit.
  • Do you have a pedigree for the parents? A pedigree shows several generations of dogs and includes a record of any championships the dogs' ancestors have won. Asking how many dogs have championships will give you an idea of the quality of the bloodlines the parent dogs carry.
  • Has a well known breeder or a judge seen the puppies? Sometimes, a breeder looking to bring new genes to a bloodline looks at other breeders' puppies and will identify the puppies that are closest to the breed standard.



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