Should You Use Experienced Dog Breeders?

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Are experienced dog breeders better than new breeders?

Should You Use Experienced Dog Breeders?

You've been thinking that newer is usually better, but does this hold true when you are comparing new and experienced dog breeders? Actually, in this case, you may want to go with established breeders. New breeders can have beautiful, show quality dogs, but unless they've been working with dogs for a long time before they started to breed them, they simply miss many things that experienced breeders will catch.

One thing an experienced breeder will look at is the bite of each puppy before he or she puts the litter up for sale. The upper and lower teeth should meet properly. Over or under bites, which is when one set of teeth juts out instead of aligning with the other set, are disqualifying flaws for otherwise show quality dogs. Of course, this doesn't mean that a dog with a bad bite is not going to be a good pet, but it is nice to know that your puppy has a flaw like this and choose to buy it anyway instead of being surprised by the information when you visit the vet.

Another flaw breeders with a bit of experience will spot is a hiatal hernia. This is a common defect in some puppy breeds and often corrects itself, but the breeder will usually have a vet check it to be sure it is not bad enough to need corrective surgery.



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