Canadian Kennel Club Puppy Registry

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Is there more than one CKC puppy registry?

Canadian Kennel Club Puppy Registry

You see the initials CKC and immediately think this puppy ad is for puppies registered with the Continental Kennel Club. However, when you take a closer look, you see that this particular breeder on is located in Canada. Can you find CKC registered dogs in Canada?

Actually, in this case, CKC probably stands for something quite different than the Continental Kennel Club. The Canadian Kennel Club is as well respected as its American Kennel Club counterpart. In fact, if you import a CKC registered dog to the US, you can apply to have it registered with the AKC as long as there are no problems with the CKC registration.

Of course, no matter how respected the organization that registers the puppies is, you will still need to pay careful attention to the breeder, the kennel and the appearance and hereditary issues of the parent dogs and their litter. You should also ask for references and then take the time to actually call and talk to them. Until registries only accept litter registrations for dogs that they have personally inspected for health and conformation, you are still just buying a fancy birth certificate for your puppy. Nothing takes the place of a bit of research.



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