The CKC Puppy Registry

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Is a puppy registered by the CKC puppy registry a good idea?

The CKC Puppy Registry

The Continental Kennel Club puppy registry is a bit different than some other registries. This organization doesn't just register litters of puppies. It also will register an adult dog that does not have registered parents. When you first hear this news, you may feel a bit anxious about buying a CKC registered puppy. However, these dogs that are registered as adults are actually more likely to resemble the breed standard than pet quality dogs that have several generations of registered dogs in their ancestry.

To be registered by the CKC, a dog that was not registered before by any registry must be at least six months old. Two people have to agree that the dog has the proper breed characteristics and the owner has to include three photos of the dog from different angles so the registry can see that the dog does indeed look the way it should look. On the other hand, many dogs that are already registered simply because their parents were registered and the breeder submitted a litter registration are quite poor examples of the breed.

In addition, this organization offers several very nice options, such as free litter registration and the ability to get your puppy micro chipped at the time of registration.



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