Brittany Puppies For Sale

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Are there any things I should consider before I take a look at Brittany puppies for sale?

Brittany Puppies For Sale

Spaniels are working dogs that are eager to please, and Brittanys, despite the fact that they have been reclassified as a member of the setter group, still have a Spaniel's characteristics. For people who want a dog that is good natured, looking for Brittany puppies for sale is a smart idea.

  • Brittanys do need some grooming. The long hair on their legs and ears is prone to matting if it is not brushed out at least weekly.
  • These dogs want to be with their people, or at least another dog, at all times. If you are working one of those high pressure jobs, plan on shopping for two dogs. Having the dog walker come in twice a day just isn't enough companionship for this breed.
  • If you don't have any interest in hiking or Frisbee throwing and your dog is an only child, be prepared for it to show its boredom by chewing up your shoe or your chair rungs. These dogs are wonderful pets, as long as they get some exercise and play time to release their energy.
  • During burglaries, this breed is the type of dog that will helpfully mention the safe in the upstairs closet instead of defending the home. Brittany Spaniels are simply too sweet to guard anything.



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