Dog Grooming 101

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Are there any tips for dog grooming?

Dog Grooming 101

As you stare at your new puppy, you have a horrifying realization. You are going to have to groom your dog and you have no clue how to do it. Suddenly, you're wondering if you should have gotten that Chihuahua instead. Before you get too upset, try some of these dog grooming tips. When grooming a puppy, you should:

  • Begin grooming sessions right away, even if the puppy doesn't actually need to have its coat maintained yet. The two of you will develop a routine that will help the puppy to be relaxed and comfortable when he or she really needs to be groomed.
  • Check teeth, eyes and toe nails whenever you brush its coat. Grooming isn't just about your dog's coat.
  • Look at pictures of your dog's breed to see how it should look when properly groomed. If you clip its coat and mess the hair cut up, don't be too upset. Hair grows back. The important thing is to be sure that you don't nick your dog's skin or let the clippers get so hot that they burn your dog. Take things slow the first few times and don't worry about getting the job done all at once.



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