How Do I Pay For Puppies Online?

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How do I pay for puppies online?

How Do I Pay For Puppies Online?

You have decided to search for puppies online and you found the dog of your dreams. Now, comes the challenging part. You need to decide on a way to pay for your new best friend. Obviously, you can't just use a wad of cash from the ATM, which is what most local breeders prefer. Mailing it would be a huge risk and you'd be completely out the money if it was lost in the dead letter office.

If the breeder accepts credit cards, you can both feel safe. The credit card company offers you protection in case something goes wrong with the purchase and it also allows the breeder to avoid worries about bad checks. While some people are concerned that a breeder who accepts credit cards may be a puppy mill, the reality is that many hobby breeders have their own business and can simply use their equipment to make the charge on your card.

Checks are a good option for the buyer, but can cause a few tense moments for breeders. Nothing says bad news like a thin little envelope from the bank. The breeder cautiously opens it to read that a customer's $900 check bounced like a basketball and is just grateful the puppy hasn't been shipped out yet. If the breeder isn't willing to accept a check, see if C.O.D. is an option.



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