How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Puppy by Air?

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How much does it cost to ship a puppy by air?

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Puppy by Air?

You've decided on the perfect dog breed for your family, but there aren't any puppies locally. Luckily, you searched and found a breeder with a litter of puppies. You've talked to the breeder and are very comfortable with his or her philosophy and the photos of the puppies. However, you are not interested in driving halfway across the country to pick the new puppy up. Before you make the final commitment to buy your new family member, you need to know the cost to ship a puppy. The answer to this question is based on several factors, including breeder policies. Some breeders include the extra fees associated with shipping in the price of the puppy. Others will expect to have you pay for them.

  • You will need a health certificate. A health certificate can cost anywhere from $40 to $60. If the puppy isn't up to date on shots, the vet will have to update vaccinations, which will make the price of the health certificate a bit higher.
  • The puppy will have to be shipped in an airline approved kennel. If your breeder can strike a deal with a wholesaler and chooses to pass on the savings to new puppy owners, the cost can be as low as $40 for a small puppy's crate. It can be as high as $100 for a crate that was purchased from the local pet store.
  • Actual shipping costs are controlled by the airline. You'll be limited by which planes fly from one destination to the other. Estimate $200-$350 for your puppy's airfare.



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