Getting Ready for a New Puppy

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Is there any way to make getting ready for a new puppy a bit more fun?

Getting Ready for a New Puppy

As you think about all the things you'll need for your new puppy, you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. You wish you could ask someone to throw you a puppy shower as you're getting ready for a new puppy, but that's not really possible, right? Actually, it is a great idea, as long as you're willing to be the one planning the party.

  • Send invitations to the dogs that belong to friends and family instead of the people in the household. Make sure you include a few guidelines about behavior and safety. You can keep it lighthearted by giving the guidelines to the dogs. For example, try asking all dogs to keep their owners on a leash for the owner's safety instead of making a list of dos and don'ts for the human guests.
  • Register your puppy at the local pet store. If you can't find someone willing to go along with your party plans, you can head for a local big discount chain, like Target, to register your puppy. While these stores may not have a registry specifically for pets, they do offer other registries and you can register for any items in the store. Simply modify a baby registry for your puppy.
  • Provide healthy treats for the pets and make sure any food you serve the owners is non-toxic for dogs. Avoid grapes, chocolate, onions and other foods people enjoy that could be fatal for the canine guests.



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