Dogs Are a Lifetime Commitment

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Should I feel bad about looking for a dog with the right features when dogs are a lifetime commitment?

Dogs Are a Lifetime Commitment

You want a new puppy and you're feeling a bit guilty about shopping for one that has features you like. After all, it is a living creature, not a new car. Isn't it wrong to ask whether this puppy model comes with a shed free coat? Actually, people who do research before they buy a new dog should be proud of themselves. Dogs are a lifetime commitment, so it makes sense to take some time to find out which breed suits you and your family.

  • Make a list of traits you'd like your new puppy to have. Consider the size of your home and yard, your lifestyle and whether family members are prone to allergies as you put the list together.

  • Think about dogs you've seen. That Yorkie with the macho swagger you saw in the park may have melted your heart, while the perfectly sweet Maltese next door just wasn't spunky enough for your active family. Just remember, if you're thinking of geting a Collie because you admire Lassie, it isn't likely you'll find a dog that acts like your favorite canine television star.

  • Do some research to find out more about dog breeds. Sites like provide quite a bit of information about breed characteristics and make it easy for you to compare things like the grooming requirements of several different breeds.



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