Chihuahua Puppies Are Not as Temperamental as They Are Sometimes Portrayed

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Are Chihuahua Puppies as Temperamental as They Are Sometimes Portrayed?

Chihuahua Puppies Are Not as Temperamental as They Are Sometimes Portrayed

Loved by many and treated curiously by others, the misconception that the Chihuahua is temperamental – even ferocious – has no basis in the nature of the breed. Much like the undeserved negativism sometimes displayed toward the Doberman Pinscher, the Rottweiler, and the Pit Bull, most of their temperament issues, if they exist, are caused by the actions of the dog's owner(s), not the breed.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, they are very small dogs, typically ranging in weight from two to six pounds. Fortunately, they are very alert and quick. They can usually avoid being stepped on by mistake. Second, they are extremely courageous and strong-willed, so they need a strong, “pack leader” presence on the part of their owner(s). Lacking this leadership, the Chihuahua puppies you consider will take on the role of pack leader quickly. This invariably creates some problems.

Along with running the household, they tend to become an overly-devoted protector to their primary handler, becoming suspicious and aggressive with everyone else, including family members. You might witness your formerly happy and loving Chihuahua puppy snarl, growl, and even snap at other family members, particularly children. Their small size and fragility make Chihuahua puppies a less than wonderful choice for a house with very young children, anyway.

While sometimes a challenge to housebreak, Chihuahua puppies for sale will grow to be wonderful, obedient, and considerate family members as long as the owner establishes a pack leader position early in their puppy's life. There should be neither temperamental issues nor any other inappropriate behavior problems with a Chihuahua.



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