Why Cairn Terriers Are Mistakenly Underrated

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Why Are Cairn Terriers So Underrated?

Why Cairn Terriers Are Mistakenly Underrated

The background of the Cairn Terrier is one of the oldest of all the domesticated canines. One of the original dogs from Scotland, the Cairn Terrier was first recognized as a breed in the 1500s. The wonderful, lovable, and always mischievous Cairn Terrier has actually contributed to the breeds of their more famous cousins, the West Highland White, Scottish, and Skye Terriers.

Their rugged, determined look and behavior seldom win them much acclaim at the top all-breed shows. However, when you look for Cairn Terrier puppies for sale, you're witnessing one of the canine champions of the Terrier (Go-to-Ground) trials, which are actually much more exciting. Still, their lack of “fluff” seems to hurt their popularity with some buyers. You'll never see a Cairn Terrier in a fashion model's purse.

They are, however, among the best choices you could ever make. Along with a fierce devotion to their families, patient and playful with children, and a strong sense of independence, Cairn Terriers almost never shed, making them perfect companions for those with allergies. They do need some brushing, however, to keep their dual coat healthy. You can even have a happy Cairn Terrier puppy in an apartment, as they can adapt to almost any environment. They may be underrated, but never under-loved by (or totally loving of) their human family.



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