Some Questions to Ask Dog Breeders to Be Confident That They Are Competent and Honest

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Are There Some Questions to Ask Dog Breeders That Will Provide Some Confidence That They Are Competent and Honest?

Some Questions to Ask Dog Breeders to Be Confident That They Are Competent and Honest

When you think of questions to ask dog breeders, what are your goals and motivations? Obviously, you want a happy and healthy new furry family member. But how can you help ensure that your new ball of fluff is exactly what the breeder professes?

The best way to feel comfortable about a potential new puppy is to be totally comfortable with the breeder. Knowing what questions to ask a dog breeder, particularly those that many prospective buyers do not ask, can alleviate your concerns. Here are some lesser known questions that accomplish the goal of finding a reputable breeder.

  • How does the breeder achieve their goals with improving, understanding, and furthering their breed? If you receive some “dead air” on the phone or obvious “smoke” with no substance from breeders, their only goal may be to produce and sell puppies. Should the breeder respond with their goals and action plans, you may have a concerned, committed seller.
  • Ask breeders what they believe to be the strong AND weak points of their breed and their puppies in particular. Experienced dog breeders should have a good knowledge base about their special breed. Of course, there is no perfect dog. Even the best and most popular are not the right choices for everyone. Puppy mill owners or inexperienced rescue sellers typically do not have this knowledge level and their answers will be suspect.
  • Ask to see the puppy's parents or pedigrees of both the sire and dam. In your questions to ask dog breeders file, do not automatically be concerned if they cannot provide in-person, pictorial, or written pedigree information on the sire. Many good breeders own the dam – and she should be on site – but contract with other breeders for a sire to become the biological father. If neither pedigree is offered, you should be wary.
Along with questions about prices, socialization, immunization, veterinarian's reports, and overall temperament and health, these few questions may help ensure that you deal with honest, concerned breeders.



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