It Is Easy to Train an English Bulldog

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Is It Easy or Difficult to Train an English Bulldog?

It Is Easy to Train an English Bulldog

The ever-popular English Bulldog is more sedate and peaceful than many other breeds. Training, for the most part, is easy. Gentle, affectionate, loyal, and always fearless, the English Bulldog responds very well to consistency in training. A loud voice is seldom necessary or recommended. Their sensitivity to your voice and its tone makes it wise to refrain from inconsistent, loud training commands.

Great with children and well-behaved, the English Bulldog can exhibit a level of stubbornness which may be the only trait that occasionally makes training a bit more of a challenge. When you examine English Bulldog puppies for sale, you should remember that they are playful, but not particularly athletic. They often prefer to watch other canine athletes run, jump, swim, and hunt rather than participate.

Therefore, while easily trained, don't try to get your English Bulldog ready for the doggie Olympics. Understand that he/she may sit by your side for hours watching the skills of other dogs, but your English Bulldog may not be excited to participate. Inquisitive and a fast learner, the English Bulldog can master simple training tasks fairly quickly and easily. As long as you have no objection to some snoring and a little drooling, you and your English Bulldog puppy should become great lifetime friends rapidly. You'll see that same attitude exhibited to the rest of your family members, including children, which English Bulldogs typically adore.



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