Some Characteristics of Brittany Puppies

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What Are Some Characteristics of Brittany Puppies?

Some Characteristics of Brittany Puppies

When looking for Brittany puppies for sale, understand that you're looking for a highly intelligent and easy to train (particularly for hunting) dog. Enthusiastic, active, and affectionate, Brittany puppies are, like many spaniels, also independent. Their high energy level requires a daily dose of mental and physical exercise to keep them from becoming hyperactive, or shy, around people.

Potential timidity problems can be easily solved with lots of socialization activity when your Brittany is a puppy. Their strong independence characteristic does not equate to a distaste for human contact. They love humans. Socialization activities when they are young ensure they will even be great companions for small children if they are raised with youngsters.

Their moderate size (30 to 40 pounds) and their field skills make a Brittany very popular with hunters, too. The Brittany's happy temperament and hunger to learn creates an ideal dog in most climates for those who love outdoor activities. An additional wonderful characteristic, few breed-specific health issues, make the Brittany a safe choice for a dog that should live to be 10 to 12 years old.

As you can see, the important characteristics of the Brittany are all positive. If socialized properly as puppies, the Brittany will be a highly prized member of your family and ready for all of your outdoor activities.



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