Beagles Are Superb With Children

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How Are Beagles With Children?

Beagles Are Superb With Children

Beagles and children were made for each other. Snoopy, the most famous Beagle (at least, with children and the cartoon world), is depicted as the classic Beagle – thoughtful, peaceful, empathetic, and loyal. Fortunately, “Peanuts” creator, Charles Schultz, infused Snoopy with a true Beagle personality.

As you might expect, Beagles love to be outdoors, but they often do well in apartments, too. When searching for Beagle puppies for sale, find a breeder that understands and offers puppies that have the classic genetic characteristics of Beagles. They love the company of humans or other Beagles. They like children as much as other dogs to play with.

When you search for Beagle puppies for sale, be aware that they are natural hunters. Therefore, while they have wonderful temperaments and are gentle, mixing them with non-canine animals may or may not work wonderfully. You should also be aware that Beagles have a very unusual bay/howl when they are in hunter mode. While not particularly loud or annoying, this trait may take a little getting used to.

Always remember, even with a Beagle, typically wonderful with children and families, to introduce young children and all dog breeds properly. Children should be advised to be just as gentle and loving as you want your Beagle to be with them.



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