Some Health Concerns With Great Dane Puppies

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What Are Some Health Concerns With Great Dane Puppies?

Some Health Concerns With Great Dane Puppies

Noble, dignified, sweet, and affectionate, the Great Dane is the giant of the dog world, sometimes weighing up to 200 pounds. They tend to love everyone and will only become aggressive in certain circumstances – usually when it is appropriate.

When you search for Great Dane puppies for sale, take care to find a dedicated breeder. Less than careful breeding over the years has created some Great Dane puppies that may be prone to suffer some natural health concerns in the breed. Among those to be addressed:

  • Tendency to have shorter lifespans. The statistical average is under ten years, although many well-bred Great Dane puppies can live for 12 to 13 years.
  • Along with hip dysplasia, common to many larger breeds, the Great Dane can also be subject to heart disease, bloat, and tumors (often benign). This is one reason you should only consider Great Dane puppies for sale offered by reputable breeders, since they tend to be more concerned with the breed than the income they generate.
  • Although the Great Dane needs lots of exercise, because of their unusual physique avoid jogging with your puppy until he/she is at least one year old. Their tendency to experience bloat also mandates that, even with adult dogs, you should avoid strenuous exercise immediately after a meal. Consider raising their food bowl to help avoid the possibility of bloat.
Buying your Great Dane puppy from a concerned breeder can eliminate or, at least, reduce some of these health concerns. Their temperament and nobility make this gentle giant a wonderful companion and family dog.



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