Special Concerns or Cautions With Golden Retriever Puppies

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Are There Any Special Concerns or Cautions With Golden Retriever Puppies?

Special Concerns or Cautions With Golden Retriever Puppies

If you're concerned about finding a lovable, intelligent, gentle, and supreme family dog, consider Golden Retriever puppies for sale. Legendary for their eagerness to learn and genuine love of humans, including young children and seniors, the Golden Retriever is at the top of the pet chain.

There are a few potential concerns of which you should be aware, however.

  • They can become high-strung and rowdy if you don't exhibit a pack leader behavior or fail to exercise them sufficiently. They love activity and are happy as pack members. However, should you fail to take a leadership posture, they will gladly take the position as the alpha member of your household.
  • Combine high level activity with proper food portions. Failing either of these requirements, particularly over feeding, can cause your Golden Retriever to gain undesirable weight and become sluggish. Golden Retriever puppies are high energy canines that love to be challenged, both mentally and physically. If not exercised sufficiently, even prescribed food portions may cause your Golden Retriever to lose his/her athletic physique.
  • Your Golden Retriever may be prone to hip dysplasia (like most larger breeds), some forms of cancer, and certain eye issues. You can minimize these concerns by looking at Golden Retriever puppies for sale only from concerned and experienced breeders. Asking for health reports on both parents and meeting them, if possible, may help ensure that your new family member is vulnerable to fewer health issues.
In general, however, there are few serious concerns with a Golden Retriever, unless you object to undying devotion and love – and some extra licks.



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