Origins of the Boxer Breed

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Where Does the Boxer Breed Come From?

Origins of the Boxer Breed

The Boxer has an interesting heritage, both diverse and legendary. Originally a marriage of two German mastiff-type dogs, the Bullenbeiszer and the Barenbeiszer, Boxers were eventually integrated with the chromosomes of the Bulldog also. Originally believed to be ferocious canines, Boxers are now considered gentle, carefree, and wonderful family dogs.

Yet their former ferocity and ability to hunt (and hold on to) larger game, including deer and wild boar, continues to qualify them as good watchdogs. They are also accomplished messenger, guard, herding, and law enforcement dogs. Looking for Boxer puppies for sale involves finding a dedicated breeder who understands their background and temperament.

Originating in Germany, many Boxers were brought home after World War II and their breed has developed widely in the U.S. - they are perennially among the top ten most popular dogs in America. Therefore, you should be sure you are considering breeders who are committed to protecting and improving the noble Boxer heritage.

Finding Boxer puppies for sale from a qualified breeder helps ensure that their Mastiff/Bulldog heritage is preserved, and their current traits as happy, loyal, gentle, and children-loving family members will bring you constant enjoyment for a lifetime. They will still sometimes be boisterous, but always ready to protect your family from undesired strangers.



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