Care Level for an Akita Puppy

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How Much Care Does an Akita Puppy Need?

Care Level for an Akita Puppy

Originally little-known, the Akita rose in popularity in the middle of the 20th century. In 1937, an Akita became the famous Helen Keller's guide dog. Just a few years later, after World War II, many American soldiers brought Akitas home from Japan. While still rather rare in the U.S., they are treasured by their owners worldwide.

When looking for Akita puppies for sale, be sure you are dealing with a dedicated and honest breeder. Be aware that your little fluff ball will grow to around 28 inches tall and weigh up to or more than 100 pounds. Any dog that size needs extra care, but the Akita's dual coat – outer coarse and inner soft – needs only occasional brushing. They will shed their coats twice a year so be prepared for some occasional “hair issues." Otherwise, you should only need to brush your Akita about once per week to remove his/her dead hair. Remember to trim your Akita's webbed paws – they are good swimmers – occasionally to keep them neat.

The care challenge comes from their temperament and size. Your Akita puppy needs a firm training regimen. They are natural pack leaders, which doesn't work in a home and family setting. Therefore, you need to establish yourself as the pack leader and establish your home's ground rules as quickly and as firmly as possible. You want your Akita to be non-aggressive with your family and other pets while maintaining his/her natural protectiveness, which makes them very effective guard dogs. It's a good idea to teach your children to exhibit leadership behavior so they too can interface and enjoy your Akita puppy successfully.



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