Reviews of Puppies for Sale Online

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Is there a way to read reviews of puppies for sale online?

Reviews of Puppies for Sale Online

You've talked to a few local breeders, talked to online breeders by email and have asked for references from both, but you're still hesitant about making a final decision. If only there was something else you could do to feel more secure about buying puppies for sale online. Actually, there is a great feature on that helps people find out about the experience other people have had with a breeder who uses that site to advertise puppies.

When you pull up a puppy listing, you will notice that there are stars beside the seller's name and a link to reviews that have been given by previous buyers. Each breeder can have up to five stars. They are calculated by the star ratings given by each buyer who writes a review of his or her experience with the breeder and his or her new puppy. If you notice a breeder has less than five stars, check the reviews, as some people are delighted with their dog, but gave the breeder less than five star ratings.

If you click on the link to reviews, you can read the actual reviews. In them, you can find out how helpful the breeder was during the entire process, how the puppy arrived and whether the buyer was happy with the quality and health of his or her new friend.



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