Lhasa Apso Puppies for Sale

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Is there anything I should know about the breed before I search for Lhasa Apso puppies for sale?

Lhasa Apso Puppies for Sale

You're looking for a spunky, smaller dog that loves family life and isn't too delicate to play games with the kids. Someone mentioned the Lhasa Apso. You researched the breed and fell in love. A search of puppyfind.com revealed that there were breeders in your area, so you are ready to start looking at Lhasa Apso puppies for sale. However, you aren't quite sure what you should be looking for!

Some Lhasa Apsos are more nervous than others. These dogs tend to dislike all the hubbub of family life, so make sure the puppies' parents are outgoing and friendly. Ask about hip dysplasia testing. This breed tends to have quite a few dogs with hip dysplasia, considering their small size.

You should also find out if the parents have any kidney or stomach problems. If you want a dog that will excel in obedience competitions, you may want to look for a different breed.

Lhasa Apsos aren't stupid, they just don't necessarily want to do what you want them to do. This can lead to some very embarrassing moments for the owner, who appears to be trying to compete with a dog that doesn't know how to sit, let alone do a long down.



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