Havanese Puppies for Sale

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Is there anything I should do before buying Havanese puppies for sale?

Havanese Puppies for Sale

You've decided to skip the cruise this year and buy a puppy instead. You fell in love with the Havanese, a cousin of the Bichon Frise, and once you saw that these dogs usually cost more than $2000, you decided to skip Christmas, too. Now, you are all ready to start looking for Havanese puppies for sale, but you can't find any local breeders. You've found a few puppies through puppyfind.com, but are a bit nervous about shipping a puppy that costs this much. To make sure you protect yourself from unethical breeders, you should take a few steps.

  • When you are buying an expensive puppy, like the Havanese, it is a good idea to use an Escrow service. This service protects you and the seller, so an ethical seller will not object to using one.

  • Ask about testing the parents have had for genetic problems. Some breeders respond by saying Havanese dogs do not need to be tested, because they have no problems. Walk away from the deal and look for a breeder who cares for the breed instead of someone who is obviously out to cash in on the breed's popularity and high price tag.



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