What Shots Do Puppies Need to Travel Abroad?

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What shots do puppies need if they are going overseas?

What Shots Do Puppies Need to Travel Abroad?

If you are taking your puppy overseas, you will need to make some preparations ahead of time. Besides getting a health certificate and checking quarantine laws to be sure you won't be back in your home country before you can take your dog into the country you are visiting, you will need to have the proper vaccines and identification. So, what shots do puppies need?

  • A Rabies vaccine is required by law. However, some countries have specific regulations about this shot, such as a 30 day waiting period between the day the shot was given and the day the puppy enters the country, so be sure you give yourself enough time.
  • While they may not be required by the country you are traveling to, you will probably need to be sure DHLPP and Bordetella shots are also up to date, because your airline will want to see proof of current vaccines.
  • Ask about any common diseases in the country you are visiting to be sure your puppy is protected.
  • Don't forget to check into whether the country requires you to have your puppy microchipped and be sure you use a microchip approved by that country. Many countries overseas use a microchip that has a longer number than standard US microchips.



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