Types of Puppy Vaccines

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What are the different puppy vaccines?

Types of Puppy Vaccines

Your new puppy just received a shot schedule and you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by all those abbreviations and technical terms. What are the different puppy vaccines and which ones are necessary for your puppy's health?

  • The DHLPP vaccine is actually a combination shot that is given several times at two week intervals to protect your puppy from viruses. It includes protection against canine distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, canine parainfluenza and parvovirus. This combination vaccine has to fight against the antibodies that the mother dog passed on to your puppy to get established. Because of this, the vaccine needs the booster series to allow it to really protect your puppy from this group of nasty viruses.
  • The Bordetella vaccine protects your dog from kennel cough. This is an annoying, infectious cough that can spread quickly amongst unvaccinated dogs. While it is easily treatable, dogs can die from complications related to the virus, so it makes sense to get the shot, even if you don't plan to kennel your dog. A visit to the pet store can bring the virus home on your shoes.
  • The Rabies vaccine is given at about twelve weeks and then is given a year later to provide three year protection.
  • The Lyme vaccine is optional but is a good idea for areas with a heavy Lyme disease infection rate.



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