Preparing for Puppies First Shots

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How can I prepare for my puppy's first shots?

Preparing for Puppies First Shots

The first visit to the vet's office can be an ordeal for the new puppy and its owner, especially if the owner has never had a puppy before. The owner may be expecting a sterile environment without empathetic staff and may be anxious about the puppy's reaction to the whole visit. To prepare for puppies first shots and alleviate stress, new owners should:

  • Bring the puppy into the office in a pet carrier. When it is older, it can walk in under its own steam, but you don't want an unvaccinated puppy walking across the same ground some very sick dogs have walked on. While veterinary staff will thoroughly clean all the surfaces in the building each day, the parking lot is another matter.
  • Keep the puppy in the carrier until they enter the exam room. If a sick dog was just seen or is still in the exam room when you walk into the waiting room, it is a good idea to minimize contact with the ill animal.
  • Have a copy of all the puppy's health records on hand. The vet will want to know what has already been done to care for your puppy's health.
  • Relax. The staff will probably be so busy peering into the puppy's carrier and making a fuss over him or her that you won't have time to stress out during your visit.



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