Six Month Puppy Checkups

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Are six month puppy checkups really necessary?

Six Month Puppy Checkups

Many veterinarians finish a puppy's first vaccinations with a reminder to come back at six months for yet another shot. You're probably wondering if this is really necessary or if the vet just wants to finance a lavish lifestyle. The truth is that while Parvo shots really can use a six month booster if your dog is exposed to a lot of other dogs, vets are usually trying to get you to come in with your puppy. Instead of lining their pockets, though, they are hoping to give your dog another check up before it reaches adult hood.

  • Six month old puppies have reached an appropriate age for spaying or neutering. Your vet can discuss whether having your dog fixed is the right option for you and will talk about the benefits of having this surgery. Of course, the fact that your puppy won't have an unplanned litter is an obvious benefit, but veterinarians and researchers have discovered that spaying and neutering pets early can reduce several types of cancer.
  • Your vet will probably pay special attention to your dog's mouth. Any teeth from puppyhood that didn't fall out may need to be removed, as will adult teeth that have grown in front of other ones.



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