Veterinary Care for Puppies - Selecting a Vet

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Is there anything I should do to before I need veterinary care for puppies?

Veterinary Care for Puppies - Selecting a Vet

When you buy a new puppy, you are going to be taking quite a few trips to the vet for new puppy checks, shots and preventative medications. Since you will be spending so much time at the vet's office, it would be nice to find a vet you feel comfortable with. Before you need veterinary care for puppies, you should check out a few of your local veterinary offices to see which one you feel most comfortable with.

  • Call each office to find out about hours and services. Make a note of how friendly the receptionist seems on the phone. If he or she doesn't seem to be patient and helpful with a possible new client, customers may receive even worse service.
  • Go to each office. While staff probably won't give a tour of the building, you should be able to get a feel for the way things run by the waiting room. The area should be clean and welcoming and staff should be dressed professionally.
  • Ask for fee information and vaccination schedules for puppies. Some vets prefer to give several shots at once, while others give shots one at a time, which means you'll be making quite a few more visits to the office.



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