Report Dog Breeding Scams

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Should I report suspected dog breeding scams?

Report Dog Breeding Scams

You've been passing emails back and forth with a breeder and felt uneasy. When he or she mentioned that a friend needed help cashing a cashier's check, you knew your fears were justified. Grateful that you spotted the fraud before it was too late, you moved on in search of a more ethical person and simply put the scammer out of your mind. Sure, you did feel a moment of guilt because the scammer could fool someone else, but it isn't like you can do anything about it, right?

Actually, you should always report dog breeding scams when you come across them. While the authorities may not be able to catch the scammer using just your information, they may be putting together a case using information from many people who have lost their money or have come close to losing it. You may just provide a little piece, but it could be the piece they need. It can be a bit embarrassing to admit you almost were taken in, but if it saves one person from the heartache of actually going through with the scammer's plans, it is worth a blush or two, right?

Places to contact about a fraud or a suspected fraud are your local police force, the Better Business Bureau for the breeder's state and the Federal Trade Commission. Sometimes, the FBI is involved, especially if the scam crosses state lines. A call to the state DA's office that the breeder resides in can't hurt, either.



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