Verify Breeder Contact Information

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Should I verify breeder contact information?

Verify Breeder Contact Information

You found a breeder through and someone told you that breeders that sell online are scammers and you will lose your money if you go through with the deal. Is the other person right? Should you look locally for a puppy? Actually, while some people do operate puppy selling scams online, many very ethical breeders sell beautiful, show quality puppies online. After all, when you live in an Alaskan town with a population of 75, the locals just aren't going to provide enough homes for puppies that you aren't keeping. One way to be sure you aren't being scammed is to verify breeder contact information.

It is such a simple, obvious thing to do that many people shopping for a puppy online completely overlook it. After all, who would be foolish enough to say they live in Oregon if they actually live in Europe or Africa? Surprisingly enough, this is just what scam artists are counting on you to think. When you check up on contact information, you can weed out quite a few scams. Here are a few ways to verify information a breeder gives you:

  • Ask for a phone number and call it. Then, do a reverse lookup of the number. Not all numbers have current information, but if the breeder says he or she is in a completely different state than the reverse lookup information reveals the breeder to be, back away from the deal.
  • Ask the breeder to mail you a guarantee paper to sign and then mail it back. When you get the item, don't forget to check the postal cancelation mark.



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