Avoid Online Puppy Breeder Scams

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How do I avoid online puppy breeder scams?

Avoid Online Puppy Breeder Scams

As you search for a puppy, you may notice that some breeders are super accommodating. Door to door delivery with the entire payment up front by Western Union, next day delivery, or incredible low prices on beautiful looking puppies can all be signs that you are dealing with online puppy breeder scams.

The best way to avoid scams is to realize that there is a reason this breeder is so helpful. That door to door delivery? The breeder, who doesn't actually own dogs at all and probably lives in a third world country, is going to take the money you wired through Western Union and go on a shopping spree. Instead of a new puppy, you will receive crushed dreams and a much emptier bank account.

That beautiful puppy you are buying for a quarter of the price all the other breeders charge? You're looking at photos of some other breeder's puppy and will be getting a dog that actually looks more like a creation by Dr. Frankenstein.

Protect yourself from common scams by:

  • Asking the breeder to take a picture of the puppy you want to buy with a newspaper with that day's date on it prominently displayed in the photo.
  • Requesting that the breeder accept payment through an escrow service, which offers you both protection during the transaction.



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