Online Dog Breeder Scams

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Do I need to worry about online dog breeder scams?

Online Dog Breeder Scams

You've heard to be wary of online dog breeder scams if you search for your new puppy online, but you have no idea how to identify scams. What are you supposed to be wary of here? There are actually several scams that involve puppy sales, but common sense and a bit of research can help you avoid most scammers.

The most common scam involves cashier's checks. The seller, who often actually has no dogs at all, will tell you that someone he or she knows needs to have a cashier's check cashed. Stories range from the other person being stuck in Nigeria and being unable to get money out of the country because the government won't let it leave along with the person to the seller not having a bank account and needing to cash a check from a previous buyer.

The check is usually for much more than the puppy's purchase price and the seller will say that you seem like an honest person and then will ask you to simply send the extra money with your purchase amount. Unfortunately, these checks are bad and you will soon find that your bank account is looking downright anemic because you are stuck covering the bad check.



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