Avoiding Puppy Mills

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Are there any tips for avoiding puppy mills?

Avoiding Puppy Mills

As you search for the perfect puppy, you'll probably come across one of the most deplorable things about dog breeding - puppy mills. Unlike show or hobby breeders, puppy mills breed large numbers of dogs in less than ideal situations in order to make money. Often the parent dogs are poor specimens of the breed, since reputable breeders try to make it hard for puppy mills to get their puppies for breeding stock. Luckily, there are several tips for avoiding puppy mills.

  • Ask plenty of questions. After you get answers, ask more questions. Many times, a puppy mill owner trying to pass as a small breeder will let something slip that will give you a clue that the puppies you are considering were raised in the puppy mill.
  • Make sure you have the kennel's name and call the Better Business Bureau for that state to ask about complaints.
  • Run a search for the name of the kennel online. If it has been in the news or is under investigation, something may just pop up in the search results.
  • Go with your instincts. If you feel uneasy about the breeder, keep looking until you find a breeder you don't feel uneasy about.



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