Questions to Ask Dog Breeders

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What are some questions to ask dog breeders?

Questions to Ask Dog Breeders

When you are shopping for a new puppy, the breeder's philosophy and kennel standards are almost as important as the actual animal you are buying. However, when you are shopping for a puppy long distance by using a service like, it can be a bit of a challenge to get an accurate picture of what the breeder's standards are. This is why you should make a list of questions to ask dog breeders before you start actively looking for a puppy.

One very important question to ask the breeder is exactly where the puppies are raised. Some puppies do not know what the inside of a house looks like, while others spend their first eight weeks in the kitchen or family room, surrounded by family. Since socialization is important for young puppies, the environment can make a big difference.

Another good thing to ask about is the people the puppies interact with. Do they get plenty of playtime with kids or do they live in a home where they only see the breeder? If you have an active family, a puppy raised with kids should fit right in, while a puppy used to a quiet life will probably need some help adjusting.



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