Breeders With Several Dog Breeds

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Are breeders who have several dog breeds a bad idea?

Breeders With Several Dog Breeds

You're all excited about finding your dream puppy on when your breeder drops a bombshell. He mentions another dog breed he owns. Immediately, visions of that puppy you're already attached to being raised in an old clothes dryer leap into your mind. After all, breeders who have several dog breeds are puppy mills, right? Actually, the breeder you are talking to may be just fine. However, you should ask a few questions:

  • How many different dog breeds do you have? The breeder may very well respond with an earth shattering number like 47, but an answer of three or four shouldn't send you into a panic yet.
  • Are they all breeding dogs? If the breeder says yes to this one, you have someone who is raising dogs for money and they are probably not excellent examples of the breed. This is especially true if there are several litters of different breeds all available at the same time. If the answer is no and one breed is represented by an aging Standard Poodle and another is an altered mixed breed that belongs to the breeder's spouse, you can probably relax. The breeder probably just enjoys more than one type of dog, but is especially attached to one dog breed, which is the one he or she raises.



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