About the AKC Puppy Registry

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What is the AKC puppy registry?

About the AKC Puppy Registry

For someone who doesn't know much about purebred dogs, all those initials are bewildering. Why do more than half the dog ads you look at say AKC on them? Should you be looking for ads that have those initials?

AKC stands for the American Kennel Club, the oldest existing puppy registry in the United States. It is a way for people to keep track of pedigrees and try to improve their dog breed. The registry does not accept all dog breeds and not every purebred dog of a recognized breed is allowed to be registered by this organization.

  • To have an AKC registered puppy, breeders need two AKC registered parents that do not have a limited registration.

  • When the puppies are born, their breeder needs to send in a litter registration form which tells the AKC how many male and female puppies were born and what their colors are.

  • The AKC sends back forms that are given to the puppies' buyers, who need to submit the forms, along with a fee to the AKC within the allowed time period.

  • The AKC sends out the registration forms to the new owners, who now have proof that they own an AKC registered dog.



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